"Taking any step that is courageous, however small, is a way of bringing any gifts we have to the surface where they can be received."

David Whyte
Crossing the Unknown Sea


You will come to know the key components of international consulting and exercise the thinking skills necessary to become an asset to governments, militaries, the private sector, and/or not-for-profit organizations as a valued independent international consultant. In addition, this Program provides:

  • Cutting-Edge Online Education Informed by Experts and Today’s Cognitive Science
  • Access to Partnering Opportunities
  • The Ability to Apply What You Learn in Real Time
  • Earn a Credential to Strengthen Your Resume
  • Self-Branding and Marketing Strategies
  • The Opportunity to Become a Member of a Collegial Network
  • Links to Resources Providing International Contract Opportunities


People with an interest in sharing and deepening their expertise as an independent international advisor, while being freed from the restrictions of the standard employee/employer relationship.

Individuals with some international experience, in service with the military, government, private business or the not-for-profit sector, who wish to gain the skills and know-how to work for themselves as a consultant.

Those who are in the process of transitioning from scholastic pursuits/academia in their chosen field wishing to implement that knowledge as their own boss on the global stage.

Individuals who have substantial experience working in a chosen profession, who are interested in translating their accumulated knowledge into an advisement practice abroad.

Established, advanced or retired professionals who are interested in launching an international consulting business as a second career.

Practicing consultants, who are interested in professional development relevant to broadening their knowledge base to include the Developing World and/or Nations in Transition.


With the exception of a working proficiency in the English language, there are none; however, those with freedom from prejudice against other’s political ideologies, faith, cultural traditions, ethnicity, etc., are the most likely to serve effectively in the field. Knowledge, achievements and accomplishments (personal, educational, professional) that lead them to feel confident in at least one area of expertise are encouraged. Experience living, working or volunteering abroad is an advantage.

The expertise and experience in greatest demand for International Consulting Asset opportunities are more varied than you might expect. There are too many to list here, but some examples include those with backgrounds in education, technology, medicine, engineering, the military, agriculture, business, human rights, logistics, communications, economics, law, security, numerous hard and soft sciences, and more. The level of experience sought ranges from interns to senior experts and executives.

The course is self-guided & accessible 24 hours a day. You can work at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

There is no entrance exam.

There are no required textbooks. Links to optional reading resources will be provided.

$600 for the entire Program at the time of enrollment (following candidacy acceptance.) Ten percent discounts are available to military veterans, members of the International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation, and the International Executive Services Corps; as well, as current and former students of Drs. Dianna or Robert Wuagneux


Potential candidates may apply at any time. The next iteration begins on 15 February, 2018.

Simply complete and submit the one sheet Application of Candidacy explaining in your own words a bit about your background, why you are interested in the Program and what you hope to do with the knowledge and skills that you learn. Resumes/CVs are welcome, but not required. [There is a $49.99 application review fee, which is deducted from the Program cost.] Notification of acceptance into the program can be expected within five business days.

Once you receive your Program Acceptance Letter (usually within five business days), you will be able to submit the balance of the program fee and create an online password allowing you to log-in whenever convenient for you and work at your own pace. Each course contains online thematic reading material, links to additional related sources, reactive exercises, reflective questions and practical pointers.

Yes; each Module builds upon what is learned in the one preceding. Once you complete a Module, you will be eligible to move on to the next Module in the series. In addition to completing your work online, it is highly recommended that you keep a written record of your assignments, your thoughts, ideas, questions for yourself and other internal dialogue as you progress through the course. This will help you to process new information, observe your thinking as you learn and clarify things in your mind. Most students find reviewing their notes as they go along extremely useful.

Yes; since the content is online, it can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Yes. Upon completion of the Program, you will be provided with a 10 question exam in short essay format. The questions are drawn from a wide range of topics found in Program Modules I, II, & III. You will need to score a minimum of 80% in order to earn your certificate. You are welcome to use the links and materials suggested throughout the course and refer to your notes during the test.

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