“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
 “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

In addition to Dr. Dianna Wuagneux’s services & expertise, we have the distinct advantage of offering Keynote Presentations, group Desk-Top or On-Site Workshops, and One-On-One Learning Impact Coaching by Dr. Robert Wuagneux.

A well-known & celebrated educator with Norwich University, Dr. Robert Wuagneux shares his wealth of expertise in the specialized field of how adults learn. Dr. Wuagneux has been serving the needs of business and community leaders, military commanders and staff, formal and informal educators, and any clients wanting to improve information dissemination and learning. His services are available online, in classrooms, boardrooms, institutions & organizations, as his schedule permits. Fluent in four languages, with students and clients in the United States and abroad, he provides the tools and techniques to inspire learners and ensure that important lessons and messages in their worlds make the shift from information to knowledge.

International Consulting Key Areas of Expertise

  • Governmental/Institutional Strengthening
  • Cross-Sector Relationship Building
  • Government, Military, Public and Private Sector Learning Needs and Goals
  • Methodologies for Closing the Gap Between Information and Knowledge
  • Online/Remote/ Desktop/Distance Learning
  • Strategic Fiscal Governance, Partnerships and Planning in Academic & Public Institutions
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Create new learning tools, procedures, processes, and standards for the development of the competencies necessary for adult learners; Review/modification of existing models and assessment metrics; Provide learning and assessment products, courses, and trainings; Advise/inform policy, practitioners, stakeholders and funding agencies.

The Balkans, Central Asia, Asia, the Pacific, Middle East, and Europe

Fluent in English, Spanish, Italian & French

ON-SITE workshops

Closing The Gap Between: Information & Knowledge

This seminar teaches the competencies necessary for instructors and those in positions of leadership to make the shift between disseminating information and imparting knowledge.

Closing The Gap Between: Concept & Application

At the completion of this seminar, participants will understand and be able to model the steps necessary to translate new knowledge from ideas to action.

Closing The Gap Between: Instructor & Student

By the end of this seminar, participants will be able to demonstrate the skills necessary to take students from passive concept-recording to active understanding and practice in their area of expertise.

Distance Learning / E-learning Workshop:
Government, Military, Academics,  Teaching & Training Practitioners

Distance learning has become the most sought after model for adult learners; however, most organizations, schools and agencies have struggled to adapt their content and lecture-heavy curriculum to meet the needs of these learners while keeping them engaged.

In this workshop, available on site participants will learn to:

  • Develop a structured strategic interactive e-learning curricula framework that will motivate and retain adult learners
  • Ramp up student engagement through core-message related storytelling and scenario building
  • Formulate applicable examples ensuring that data and concepts will be retained
  • Activate diverse learning centers of the brain by augmenting a course with multimedia content, models, images, and diagrams to convey subject matter
  • Stimulate learning-driven inquiry keeping the learner focused on the application of what they are learning in real time.
  • Improve retention by instilling meaningfulness into lesson plans

Tricks And Tools of the Trade

This workshop teaches instructors and leaders of all kinds the practical steps of designing and developing materials that ensure that information becomes learning, including how to create:

  • Concept Driven Syllabus/Program Outline;
  • Purpose Driven Curriculum;
  • Action Driven Content;
  • Learner-Based Monitoring, Assessment, and Evaluation.

At the close of the seminar, participants will be able to devise practical, straightforward and useful tools to ensure that their content has not only been heard and understood, but also that their learners will be able to demonstrate the ability to apply and employ them.



Small group fine-tuning of advanced learning based skills for professional growth. Clients can choose from a variety of topics.


One on one tailored services for those in positions of leadership/command.


FAQS for the workshops

You will come away with exceptional depth and breadth of understanding of the subject matter, access to useful materials and resources, tangible practices to implement immediately, a certificate of completion, and most importantly, the knowledge, caring and follow-up support of Dr. Robert Wuagneux.

Workshops are conducted at a location of your choosing. Mentoring and coaching services are available either on site or remotely, depending upon your needs.

Yes; you will be provided with physical copies of content relevant to your needs, including examples and exercises, checklists and pertinent models for your use and reference.

AdaptiveSolutions is dedicated to meeting your unique needs; simply click contact and we will and will work with you to create a combination of services best suited to fall within your fiscal resources. Considerations include: the number of participants, length of service and location (on-site, remote or international.)

If you later need related advice or someone to discuss decisions with, we offer free telephone consultation for 60 days following workshop, mentoring or coaching services.

Simply click contact and provide a short description of your interests and we will contact you directly, answer your questions, and discuss your scheduling preferences.

We have a very liberal cancellation policy. If you need to cancel up to 2 weeks beforehand, we will refund 100% of the prepaid fees. If you need to cancel within 2 weeks, we will issue you a credit equal to 100% of any pre-paid fees. This credit can be used towards another workshop, mentoring or coaching services date of your choice.

AdaptiveSolutions accepts various forms of payment for our services including: Check, Money Order, Credit Cards, EFT (US only), Direct Deposit and Wire Transfer.